Thursday, 14 May 2009

Iso [I,saw] The SIow It Down Project -Light Painting


Out Of Focus 14 May 2009 at 14:03  

Hehe!! That's cool man. Keep on smiling! Woohoo!! So what's your settings man? I'm sure the other guys wud like to know..

I'll link u up soon..

asri isaac 14 May 2009 at 21:27  

nice work bro...

PainQler 14 May 2009 at 22:17  

An NCE special..

How did you do it?

I didn't know how.. tell me..
Or call now.. i'll be waiting..

P/s: bro lau buat lights tapi muka orang mcm potrait dpt kh?
Settings nya mcm mana?

Jinano 15 May 2009 at 07:09  

This is cool NCE. Simple and nice

Maman 15 May 2009 at 08:07  

Bro.. "kiyut" hehehe .Creta sikit lah bro.. setting nya.. apa u pakai ah..laser pointer kah.. saund saund sikit bro.

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